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  • The world’s most expensive plectrum worth $7,800 is created by Timber Tones

    Timber Tones Plectrum for $7,800

    I do not believe that anyone could dream that this nonsense will cost so much. But in this crazy world everything is possible. A UK-based firm, Timber Tones, specializing in manufacturing luxury guitar plectrums have created a one of a kind range called Treasure Tones, which includes models made of silver, gold, platinum and palladium. […] More

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    Arnold & Son Made the World’s Thinnest Tourbillon Watch

    The new model of Arnold & Son brand is officially the slimmest Tourbilion watch in the world. A new model is called Ultra Thin Tourbillon escapement (abbreviated UTTE). Thickness of the mechanism of this model is a record low and is only 2.97mm. Thickness of the previous recorder was 3.5 mm, it was a mechanism […] More

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    Ultrasone Edition 8 Headphones – What Makes an Audiophile?

    Being an audiophile has to be a frustrating endeavor. When do you stop? When will you get speakers or headphones so that your music will be the most stereophonically pure sound you’ve ever listened to? Well, Ultrasone wants to help with their new Edition 8 Headphones. The Edition 8 Limited is a dark brown and […] More