The GoldCaster – The World’s Most Expensive Guitar

Jhoseph King is known for building custom metal body guitars and gold-layered instruments for some of the biggest names in the music industry. King has just upped the ante, he is proud to announce that he has created The GoldCaster, the World’s first and only solid gold guitar. There have been numerous gold plate guitars built over the years but The GoldCaster is the only guitar with a solid 18ct body and custom handmade solid 18ct gold hardware. Currently the GoldCaster 001 is the very first of King’s new line and is the only guitar ever made that features a solid 18 karat gold top and bridge. King also hand machined the saddles, strap buttons, nut, string tree, neck plate, ferrules, knobs, and switch knobs all out of solid 18 karat gold. In addition, the lettering and logo on the headstock are also solid 18 karat gold. To be exact, 33 items on this guitar shine with bling. King is currently offering this stunning, one-of-a-kind instrument for the similarly stunning price of $1,000,000. GoldCasters can also be made to order with a variety of options, including solid platinum tops, precious stones.
The GoldCaster - The World’s Most Expensive Guitar

The GoldCaster - The World’s Most Expensive Guitar

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