Limited Edition Sam Flynn and Quorra TRON Legacy Motorcycle Suits

TRON Legacy - Sam Flynn Motorcycle Suit
TRON Legacy – Sam Flynn Motorcycle Suit Though it is scheduled to be released this December, TRON Legacy from Disney is already causing a stir among genre enthusiasts. The new adventure sci-fi movie┬áhas also inspired UD Replicas in making movie-inspired motorcycle riding gears. The Sam Flynn and and Quorra suits are incredibly detailed and are completely wearable motorcycle suits. A Tron jacket includes 100 square inches of EL wire make up the glowing accents which will last up to five hours on a full charge. The materials used in the Tron riding apparel is the same material used by the costume designers for TRON Legacy. There is also a controller on the battery pack will allow the riders to select from several different patterns and lighting effects. UD Replica has decided to come out with a limited edition design in this case. The Sam Flynn suit will be limited to 1,000 pieces and the Quorra suit will be limited to 500 pieces. If you so choose, you need not buy the whole suit but purchase pieces individually. The cost of the entire Sam Flynn TRON suit is $995, while the cost of Quorra TRON suit is less at $899.

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