Hermes Create $1.9 Million Diamond-studded Birkin Handbag

Hermes already known for their expensive handbags, the Birkin and the Kelly, have now created four new handbags, each worth around $1.9 Million, making them the most expensive handbags in the world. The miniature totes, which are crafted from gold and studded with thousands of precious stones, double up as high jewellery.

Hermès $1.9 Million Diamond-studded Birkin Handbag 
Hermès $1.9 Million Diamond-studded Birkin Handbag

Unlike the other standard creations, this handbag is virtually a bracelet in itself, due to its rather miniature sized frame. In what is looking like a leather based body, there seems to armor of rose gold on the body, and thousands of individually crafted diamonds around the bracelet strapping, which are of course what will grab the eye balls. The bracelet/bag, or baglet as we call it, took designer Pierre Hardy two years to craft.

But let’s be honest, these creations can’t be very practical in reality, can they? Who for the life of them would actually wear a $1.9 Million bag around in public , talk about advertising yourself to the world as being super rich.

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