Porsche Design Launches Limited Edition Collector’s Boxes for 40th Anniversary

This year, Porsche Design celebrates 40 anniversary of the time when brand starts becoming a legend around the world. Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche founded the Porsche Design studio in 1972, and since then the studio has produced numerous functional, timeless and purist design products. In fact, Porsche Design developed an entirely new category of luxury products: engineered luxury. To celebrate 40 years of this engineered luxury, Porsche Design has launched the limited edition two exquisite anniversary collector’s boxes with other exclusive items for devotees: 40Y of Iconic Products and 40Y of Innovation collector’s box.
“40Y of Iconic Products” anniversary set contains two of their most iconic pieces: the Chronograph I from the “Iconic Style” collection in an exclusive, matt silver grey and the legendary exclusive P’8478 sunglasses – the second Porsche Design product – in a special 40Y version. The logo on the temples and the inside surfaces adopt the colour scheme of the red second hand of the Chronograph I as an hom-age to the past four decades of the luxury brand. The anniversary set is limited to 911 pieces world-wide. “40Y of Innovation” anniversary set contains four of their most iconic sunglasses since establishment in 1972 (P’8478 (1978) – the first of its kind to feature interchangeable lenses (40Y version); P’8480 (1980) – the first foldable aviator sunglasses; P’8418 (2006) – the first sunglasses with self-attaching interchangeable lenses and P’8494 (2010) – the first sunglasses pressed from one piece of titanium). All models are made of sandblasted titanium and are available in the 40Y colour combination. Limited to 1,972 pieces worldwide as a reference to the year the brand was founded. The philosophy for the luxury brand’s creative work was essentially clear: “If you think about the function of an object, the form appears all by itself at times.” Their philosophy has remained unchanged and has been acknowledged at all times – specifically with more than 130 national and international awards. Over four decades, Porsche Design has designed numerous products such as classical men’s accessories, a sport and fashion collection, electronic products, a men’s cologne line as well as a spectacles collection for women. The products are sold worldwide in their own shops, shop-in-shops, high-quality department stores as well as in exclusive specialised retail shops.
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