World’s First Swarovski Crystalized Carousel

Artists and designers are using Swarovski crystals for all kinds of things …They use them to decorate the shoes, toilets, cars, snow balls and Christmas trees. Swarovski crystals are like LEGO dice, just a little more sparkly and expensive. Last year, the Swarovski brand has built the largest Christmas tree in Asia, and this year went a step further and do something again first in the world – made the first Swarovski crystallized carousel in Kuala Lumpur.
Swarovski Crystalized Carousel

Swarovski Crystalized Carousel

Swarovski Merry-Go-Round In Pavilion was presented at the opening ceremony, which was attended by Malaysian celebrities, such as dance sensations of this region of the world Suhaili Micheline, who presented the Swarovski 2016 Holiday Collection. Nine feet high carousel is decorated with 3,000,000 gold and blue crystals, which are the main colors which the Swarovski brand chose for their holiday campaign. Additional decorations are pieces from Christmas-Fantastic collections and decorations in the form of flakes. This is otherwise functional carousel where 15 people can enjoy simultaneously on ten horses, two pairs of sledges in a carriage, with all of the above decorated with crystals. The carousel itself weighs about four tons.

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