SerpaS Sports Car

Aznom SerpaS

The SerpaS project is the first ever branded car of Aznom from Monza, and now the Camal Design Center is starting to ship the latest weapon for the race tracks.
The name of this model is SerpaS, which means Snake (il Serpas), and its specifications are more than impressive. Below the hood is a V8 engine of 2.6 liters, good for 363 hp at 10,300 motor rotations per minute and a maximum torque of 276.5 Nm. However, the best of all is that with these performance figures comes a weight of only 900 kg.

Aznom SerpaS

Initially, the new SerpaS model will be available with the conventional drive system, although the Aznam headquarters decided that by 2020, all its customers will be able to order electrical versions as well.
When looking at the interior, designed by the brand Azna, we can notice that it is a reflection of the modern reinterpretation of the retro Italian automobile.

Aznom SerpaS

Inside the passenger compartment there are carbon details, as well as a cockpit deflector on the front, just like those of the classic ones. On the other hand, it is worth noting that the SepraS car does not have a door due to its reduced height, however, it is very easy for the general to climb up and to jump into the passenger segment on either side of the model.
The SerpaS car body is made of handmade aluminum, but there are also some technical components made of carbon fiber, similar to the front splitter, rear diffuser and engine cover.

Aznom SerpaS

Then, when these cars are ready to be ordered, future customers get access to the “Experience” package, which results in tours led by the professionals of this brand and enable insight into the workshop, production processes and car assembly, as well as the possibility of driving test on the famous track in Monza.

Aznom SerpaS

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