Masterpiece – Roger Dubuis X Pirelli

Limited to only eight units, this incredible watch was created in partnership with Pirelli tires, obviously intended for true men … This model is not for those of a weak heart, because it will shock you its price. In addition, it is created with speed, strength and belief that everything is possible on the mind, what it really is, if you have enough money to accomplish your desires.

Roger Dubuis X Pirelli

New Roger Dubuis watch features a flying tourbillon and multi-color battery indicator, and besides, its intriguing belt with Pirelli brand insignia that reminds us of the Pirelli Cinturato and Pirelli Sottozero tires profiles, also attracts plenty of attention.

Roger Dubuis X Pirelli

Swiss watch brand has equiped this beauty with the new RD105SQ hand-winding mechanism, where the famous blue Astral Skeleton will certainly delight anyone who sees it. Eight lucky owners of one of these models will be able to praise the invitations to local Pirelli events, where incredible stunts are performed, where the scent of the tire is felt in the air, while the Italian supercars lurking behind the corner.

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