Gucci Introduces New $9,188 Mickey Mouse Guitar Case


Gucci showed its cruise 2020 collection earlier this year at the Musei Capitolini in Rome. Famous brand then showed among other things this stylish guitar case. It’s about Gucci Mickey Mouse Guitar Case, designed by creative director Alessandro Michele.
Made from decidedly unglamorous polyurethane, this is the latest example of a collaboration with Disney that began in spring/summer 2019. The guitar case features Mickey Mouse print on the Gucci pattern against the light brown background.

Gucci Guitar Case

The leather badge serves as a centerpiece of the case and it appears to have golden hardware. There’s also brightly coloured Gs in hot yellows and pinks, or in jet black with the words “Gucci Band” added in appliqué leather.
Gucci Mickey Mouse Guitar Case will sell for $9,188, but exactly when it will be made available to rich guys is not known.

Gucci Guitar Case

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