Original 1945 DeWeldon Iwo Jima Monument at Bonhams Auction

Over the years, WWII Veteran and historian Rodney Hilton Brown purchased artifacts and items that were a part of history. Last year, we wrote about his maybe most significant collectors item – origianal long-forgotten Iwo Jima Monument that had been expected to sell for as much as $1.8 million. Unfortunately or fortunately, this 1945 DeWeldon Iwo Jima Monument was passed on by bidders in an last year’s auction, and will now be once again offered on sale by Bonhams on June 5, 2014. a The 32 feet (9.8 m) tall military memorial statue is part of Brown’s collection, which also includes many significant pieces such as the a D-DAY Flag – A U.S. Navy Ensign flown on the American Landing Craft LST 493 from June 6, 1944 etc.

Original 1945 DeWeldon Iwo Jima Monument at Bonhams Auction
Brown created The War Museum ( , where the items are preserved and stored. Some of his treasures have been on display at the Intrepid Sea & Air Space Museum, The National Portrait Gallery and the New York Historical Society museum. There is also a virtual War Museum online and an interactive Facebook where he can share news and interact with likeminded collectors. Some of Brown’s priceless D-Day items that will be offered on sale:
England’s “LIBERTY BELL,” a Royal Air Force “Scramble” bell, cracked from use during the Battle of Britain. A unique and evocative memorial with obvious parallels to our Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, both being cracked while being rung in the cause of Freedom.
American “EAGLE SQUADRON” Battle of Britain relics, one from the first Jewish-American killed in WWII. Like the Flying Tigers of the Pacific Theater, they were American volunteer pilots & airmen.

Original 1945 DeWeldon Iwo Jima Monument at Bonhams Auction
General George Patton: sculpture bust by Iwo Jima Flag Raising sculptor Felix de Weldon and Patton’s jeep guidon flag.
Rare French Resistance armbands, flags, helmets, medals, etc.
A rare Japanese “Banzai” charge flag actually inscribed “Banzai” and ”Bushmasters” artifacts. Obviously, the poor guy with the flag was usually the first one shot!
A rare Russian battle flag captured by the Germans and then souvenired by a GI in Berlin.
DOW JONES ORIGINAL TICKER TAPE of D-DAY INVASION Dated June 6, 1944 – Bulletin No.1 – 9:30 AM – An hour-by-hour account of the Normandy Landing! A rare and unique document, believed to be the only copy surviving.

Original 1945 DeWeldon Iwo Jima Monument at Bonhams Auction

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