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River’sTone – Premium Speaker System In Silver Or Gold

The very few speakers where the mice had no positive effect whatsoever include the “River‘sTone“ speakers from Japanese maker Anodic Supply Ltd in association with Michio Sakamoto – a sound engineer and former director of a Sony complex in Shinanomachi, Tokyo. With a design ethos of “Less is More”, River’sTone is premium speaker system featuring […]

Revel by Harman Luxury Sound System For Lincoln MKX 2016

Revel and Lincoln share a common legacy deeply rooted in precision craftsmanship. Now, Revel audio debuts in Lincoln with the launch of the next-generation 2016 Lincoln MKX midsize utility vehicle. Lincoln will offer both a 13-speaker system and a 19-speaker Ultima system in the MKX. Ford’s luxury brand claims engineers adjust the tuning, calibration, and […]

Reborn – B&W 800 Series Diamond Speakers

The 800 Series Diamond represents the pinnacle of Bower & Wilkins‘ technological achievement, and the sum total of almost 50 years of research and development at the cutting edge of acoustic design. Launched in 1979, the original Bowers & Wilkins 801 speaker heralded the modern era of high-end loudspeaker design. Now, the company presents the […]

THIEL Audio Loudspeakers – The Ultimate Gift

THIEL Audio’s new TT1 tower loudspeakers and the TM3 bookshelf monitors are the newest offerings for the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the most exceptional sound performance for their home or studio and has a love of music. The TT1 is designed to faithfully reproduce your favorite music or soundtrack without any unwanted colorations. […]

BeoPlay A2 and Beolit 15 Now In Natural Color Edition

BeoPlay A2 is the fastest-selling product in 90 years of Bang & Olufsen history, while Beolit 15 speaker is what the company describes as a wolf in sheep’s clothes. Now, both of these speakers are available in cool, new “Natural” colour editions that truly highlight their aluminium foundations. BeoPlay A2 is powerful, portable and Bluetooth […]

JBL Smart ForTwo Forgigs

The company JBL, is from a tiny Smart car, made Smart Forgigs concept, described as a “mobile mini-disco” and as “the smallest mobile concert hall in the world.” In short, JBL Smart ForTwo Forgigs boasts 16 speakers, five amplifiers, up to 150 dB, and two subwoofer (diameter 30 cm), all in all 5270 watts! Music […]

Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speakers Offer World-class Audio Accuracy

The Eclipse TD-M1 AirPlay Speaker System is a home speaker system that offers world-class audio accuracy to not only audiophiles, but to all fans of music. The pack consists of two compact and beautifully designed desktop speakers with a distinctive egg-shape aesthetic, that have been engineered for use as desktop speakers or with any TV, […]