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    Oro Blanco – First Vintage Smoke From Davidoff

    Earlier this year, Davidoff indicated a cigar from 2002 which will debut this year. It is described as the most expensive offering to date. And Oro Blanco (white gold) is here. It is a cigar made entirely of tobacco from 2002, the first vintage smoke from the company and the most expensive cigar ever to […] More

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    New Davidoff Nicaragua Cigars

    This is a very special product for cigar lovers. Davidoff brand has revealed its first line of Nicaragua cigar, called Davidoff Nicaragua. The 100 percentage Puro Nicaraguan blend consists of Nicaragua Seed Habano Rosado which is wrapped in a beautiful brown color, with a blindfold and a mixture of Jalapa tobacco from Esteli, Condega and […] More

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    Davidoff Masters Edition Club House Toro Cigars

    Davidoff cigars always maintain the standards of quality and excellence. Davidoff and his sophisticated sense of enjoyment is definitely brought noticeable shift in the jet set. It has become common to expensive Dom Perignon champagne served with Davidoff. Davidoff cigars has definitely become a measure of elitism. Davidoff has unveiled its latest limited edition cigar, […] More

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    What Men Love to Buy

    Men are different from women, they prefer, an expensive, high-quality and proven fact. Although it will be difficult to remove from the woman the label, masters for shopping and spending money, the statistics show that men don’t lag when these leisure activities are concerned. The smell, taste and touch of luxury combined with the practical […] More

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    Davidoff Prestige Lighter with 182 Diamonds – Limited Edition

    Davidoff has added two more exclusive lighters in its already luxury collection of Prestige Lighter. But these two are outperformed other lighters. You can choose between Lacquer Black/Diamond or Lacquer White/Diamond and both variants are set with a line of 182 diamonds, totaling 1.82 carats each. Extraordinary, no doubt! Davidoff Prestige Lighter features a dual […] More

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    Quality Two-hour Smoke with New Camacho Liberty 2012

    With over 50 years of experience providing handmade, luxury cigars, Camacho Cigars offers its newest, Liberty Series 2012, which is as the company considered the best cigar Honduras has ever offered! Unlike previous years when the Camacho (as part of Davidoff) used tobaccos from a variety of different origins, as well as vintages for making […] More

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    Davidoff New Puro d’Oro Gigantes Line

    Luxury tobacco brand, Davidoff has announced reintroduction of its Puro d’Oro line of cigars. This time is a pure shift, which is called Gigantes, as the name implies, a pure large-format, with cigar’s new size and a new look. Puro d’Oro Gigantes will be released during July and August of 2012. Davidoff first has released […] More

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    Davidoff Furniture Collection Emphasizes the Good Taste and Luxury

    Davidoff Furniture Collection The Ukrainian designer Dmitry Lebedev has conceptualized a furniture collection  for the luxury tobacco brand Davidoff. The collection includes a chair, sofa and desk with minimalistic design but with an underlying classic appeal. Dark tones and modern elegance will give a little more style to your space. Dmitry Lebedev had insight into […] More